Trump Jumped The Shark

I’m Done Resisting. 

And I deeply apologize to all Republicans that I tried to convince to see the light. I tried to get you to see my light, my facts, my reality, and for that, I apologize. You can’t speak rationally to irrational people, and I knew that, but unfortunately that is what I have overly-optimistically been trying to do for years. 

When the president of the United States takes a Sharpie, not only a Sharpie but a personalized Trump Sharpie pen, and draws on a cardboard map to change the direction of a hurricane, that’s not hilarious, it’s not infuriating, it is sad. 

Instead of Republicans or advisors pulling him aside and saying, “Sir, with all due respect, that’s not how hurricanes work. Mr. President, for a hurricane to get from this point in the Atlantic Ocean to Alabama, it would have to go over Florida and probably part of Georgia, that landfall would slow down wind speeds. Because that’s how hurricanes work. Sir, a hurricane over land has reduced wind speeds because the hurricane lacks the moisture that the ocean provided. Just a few hours on land and a hurricane loses it’s power in the storm’s center. Therefore it would never hit Alabama as hard as it would hit Georgia and Florida. Also, this map is 7 days old, so I’m not sure why we’re using it or talking about it. Here let me get you an updated map.”

Instead of teaching Trump about weather and science and reality, no, Republicans took another route. They decided to join his fictitious ride on crazy train express and had NOAA pretend that hurricane Dorian was actually heading towards Alabama. 

This is next level crazy. This is the kind of crazy, I can’t even reason with. This is a point where I concede that I can’t speak to Republicans like logical people, because no one in their right mind would go along with this. 

Republicans didn’t call Trump out when he offended Brits and walked in front of Queen Elizabeth, or wrote policy to ban an entire religion or put children in cages or deported sick children or mocked a Gold Star family. I tried, in my head, to put myself in Republicans’ shoes. He’s their guy, so maybe they can overlook his flaws. Maybe Republicans just didn’t read the articles about him. Maybe FoxNews didn’t air the segments of his really crazy comments. Maybe conservatives didn’t know what he just did. Or maybe Republicans see some mysterious light at the end of the tunnel that I don’t see. Maybe Republicans have a higher threshold for bullshit than I do. I tried to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt. But I can no longer do that.

When Trump supporters are willing to overlook current reality, I concede that I can no longer try to have a conversation with them, because we aren’t sharing the same reality. 

And if Trump is all a joke to Republicans, and he’s literally just a reality show like every other show on TV, you should know that Trump jumped the shark, and I can no longer watch the show. The plot has nowhere to go from here. 

This Hurricane Dorian map nonsense goes against the format of every episode of President Trump that America has seen. Usually the format is that Trump does something crazy, then the liberals cry liberal tears, and that’s hilarious. “Oh, look at how upset the liberals get.” But part of the Trump format is also sticking it to someone. As in, sticking it to Muslims, or minorities, or immigrants. To rally Trump’s crowd he needs a consistent antagonist, like Democrats or liberals or Hillary or Obama.

So the reason the Hurricane Dorian map really jumped the shark is because there was no clear reason for it. It wasn’t sticking it to anyone. Was he trying to screw over meteorologists? Or Alabama? Or the Carolinas where the hurricane was actually heading? Or pick a fight with reality? Who was his adversary?

The reason Trump’s reality show format has worked is because it has been about sticking it to someone. And the skewed logic by Trump supporters is that by putting other people down, this will somehow bring them up. This logic is erroneous, but I see where they were going with it. The logic of ‘if we oppress everyone else but ourselves, we’ll have a better chance of getting ahead.’

In reality, my reality, factual reality, Trump hasn’t helped anyone get ahead other than a handful of his billionaire friends. He hasn’t cut taxes for the average American, or brought more jobs than Obama, or helped farmers, or people who own land near the border. In fact, he’s screwed over most of these people while sticking it to the liberals and creating policy to help Russia.

So, I’m done resisting. Collectively, America been talking about this criminal non-stop since 2015. I’m exhausted. I’m over it. Resistance is exactly what Trump wants. It’s what he’s always wanted, because resistance is still all about him. Resistance still puts him at the centerpiece of the news narrative. With ‘resistance’ he’s still in control. With resistance he has an adversary to overcome. So, I’m not resisting Trump. I’m doing something that he would hate more if everyone started doing it, I’m ignoring Trump.

Instead I’ll be focusing my clicks, views, conversations and energy on other things. I’ll be spending money with companies and organizations that are focused on improving society and the planet. I’ll be focused on leaders with something factual to say. Leaders with policy ideas or strategy to correct injustice and enhance innovation. Leaders who will be moving the world forward, not holding it back. Leaders who aren’t responding to Trump’s antics, but rather ignoring Trump and promoting their own ideas.

When I want to see what celebrities are doing, I’m going to read about Megan Markle’s adorable baby or Nadal’s victory at the US Open, or Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio’s charitable help with the environment. I’ll even talk about Valerie Plame’s video to announce she’s running for congress. 

But I’m no longer clicking on articles that have Trump’s name or photo. I’m no longer reading articles that include quotes or responses from the White House. Because if articles are including fiction and a quote that is a lie in a news article, then the whole article is questionable reporting. I’m no longer watching shows that are talking about him. I’m done. The Trump show is over for me. I refuse to promote this moron. 

To put it in TV terms Trump supporters can understand, we all have that moment when we quit a show and never go back because it’s gotten too ridiculous. In Homeland, for me, it was when the writers decided to kill off Brodie. In House of Cards, it was the beginning of the second season, when I realized that Francis Underwood would never have a character arc or accountability to all the people he hurt. 

We all have our breaking points, even with fictional characters like Trump. I can’t keep watching as this character continues to wreck havoc and threaten global stability with no character arch, no personal growth, no accountability, and no justice.

I don’t care if he is running around naked on the White House lawn wearing Melania’s underwear on his head, I’m not watching. I don’t care if he’s setting up a Trump space station to spy on American citizens, I’m not clicking. I don’t care if he’s in Kabul launching his brand of Trump Tea that he’s partnered with terrorists to make, I’m not reading about it. I’m done. I don’t care if he picks Putin as his running mate instead of Pence, I’m not reading about it. 

Now if journalists want to start writing about what real leaders are doing to offset the insanity coming out of the Wack House, I’ll read that, I’ll click that, I’ll pay for a subscription for that.

Anyone who thought Trump had jumped the shark before now underestimated America’s ability to rubberneck at a horrible political accident. I believe this is the moment that more Americans will ignore him and keep driving past. I think Americans will start to set their sights on other news topics. I think this is officially the point that Trump jumped the shark, not because progressives think so. No, progressives think that Trump jumps the shark every day. But I think this is the point where even die-hard conservatives will admit that the current White House administration is completely bonkers. A leader can’t literally pick a fight with the weather and continue to be taken seriously.

And if it’s not the turning point for all Americans, it’s definitely the turning point for at least one, me. 


How To Tell If Your President Is Experiencing Mental Decline

How to tell if your President has a dissociative disorder or is in a state of mental decline:

–  He has trouble completing sentences.

–  He frequently repeats the same words or phrases.

–  People close to him express concerns about his mental well being.

–  He fabricates phone calls and conversations with other world leaders that everyone in both countries admits never happened.

–  He references false world events, such as riots and terrorist attacks that are easily disproven.

–  He gets into arguments with a celebrity on a TV comedy for no apparent reason.

–  In the White House, he sees sightings of a famous abolitionist like Frederick Douglass who hasn’t been seen since he died on Feb. 20, 1895.

–  He smiles proudly standing next to a baby whose parents have just been murdered. And to prove how mentally disassociated he is from the situation, he gives a thumbs up.

–  He “moves” the path of a hurricane with a sharpie on a cardboard map, thinking that will change the path of the storm.

–  He has to fabricate a doctor’s note that says he is in good health, written in his own language and tone with obvious misinformation about his height and weight.

–  When asked about something he just did, and people saw him do, he says, “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know” if he did it.

–  His vocabulary is becoming more limited, clinging to a few words that he can remember by frequently repeating them to give his brain time to complete his thoughts while speaking.

–  He is increasingly moody and unable to control or process his emotions.

–  He thinks his wife is good friends with a North Korean dictator that she’s never met.

–  He has trouble spelling common words, like his wife’s name.

–  He publicly describes his daughter as sexy, and says what they have in common is “sex.”

–  He does infomercials for his golf club during a G-7 summit.

–  He is unable to adjust his perception when given new information. Such as when told that the path of a hurricane has changed, he is unable to accept it. Or when told publicly by Mexico that they will not be paying for any wall at the US border, he still continues to believe it is true.

–  He frequently edits photographs to verify his false sense of reality.

–  He congratulates a country on the anniversary of the day their country was invaded and many of their residents killed.

–  He claims he has never heard of common things or phrases that everyone knows exists, like a category 5 hurricane.

–  He claims that job numbers are up, despite numerous reports that are evidence to the contrary.

–  He claims that many steel and auto companies are moving to the US despite evidence that this is completely false.

–  He claims that Americans are paying less in taxes this year, despite the fact that all reports indicate the the majority of Americans paid at least $1,000 more this year.

These are just a few signs of cognitive decline or dissociative disorders. If you suspect your President is in a rapid state of decline with increased hallucinations and angry outbursts, please contact your member of Congress immediately. The only way to help someone with cognitive decline or a dissociative disorder, is to get them to see a healthcare professional. If you or anyone you know has a family member that is also a president exhibiting any of the above behaviors, please encourage them to seek help for their aging family member. There is no shame in asking for help for mental decline.

As adults age and enter their senior years it is common for seniors to start exhibiting more childlike behavior, such as name calling and petty grievances that that they wouldn’t have had at other times in their adult life. While aging is a natural process, your president, nor your country should have to suffer in silence. If you see something is wrong, say something is wrong.

Critics may say the president is lying, but the truth may be more complicated. The president may be stating his version of reality, which is false. This is why a president in a rapid state of cognitive decline is unable to apologize or correct a lie, because in his brain, there is nothing to correct or fix. He may be unable to apologize because he believes he is telling the truth.

If you believe your president is weaponizing a false reality, please get him medical attention immediately.

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 11.49.10 AM

What’s the Plan, Republicans?

Hey Republicans, what’s the plan now?

Everyone who said, “immigrants are taking our jobs” where are you now? I don’t hear about any stampede of people racing down to Mississippi to grab up the almost 700 jobs in a chicken factory.

ICE is rounding up people all over the country, leaving jobs in their wake. People are literally being killed to give Americans these hard, low paying jobs that Trump voters so desperately wanted, so now what? What’s the game plan, Republicans? Ready to start working in fields in the hot sun for nothing pay? Ready to mow grass? Clean toilets? Sort chicken parts?

American citizens being sent back to their ancestral homelands to be murdered, so you could have a job in production, that’s what you wanted, right?

No? Then why did you vote for Trump? He told you ahead of time this is what he was going to do.

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 9.44.21 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 9.44.35 PM

Aren’t these the headlines you wanted – Children left alone for days because their parents had been arrested? That’s what you wanted, right? Children dying in cages every month, that makes you happy, right Republicans? Children separated from their parents, that’s what you voted for, right? Children sexually assaulted by the thousands in border facilities, that’s what you voted for.

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 9.32.20 PM

Republicans, whether you intended these consequences or not, here we are. Time for a really hard reality check. Time to look in the mirror and realize your worst enemy is you, that’s who it has always been. Time to start accepting responsibility for your own actions or lack of actions.

Immigrants didn’t stop you from getting a job you wanted, YOU stopped you from getting a job you wanted. Immigrants aren’t causing mass violence against Americans, but rather Americans are causing mass violence against other Americans.

Trump came along and told you that you weren’t responsible for your life. He told you all your problems were someone else’s fault. And that was somehow easier to believe than the truth, which is this, you can’t blame another race/religion/demographic for all your problems, because they are YOUR problems.

So you can sit and continue to do nothing and just accumulate more blood on your hands to make you even more depressed, or you can do something. Call your elected officials and demand that they impeach Trump. Vote differently in the next election. Talk to friends about how to make changes, get involved, maybe, I don’t know, apologize. That’s right, I said the A word.

If you meant to have people murdered so you could have access to a job you never wanted anyway, then maybe you don’t need to apologize, maybe you’re a sociopath. But if you aren’t a sociopath, it’s way past time to speak out, step up, and right these wrongs.

Whether you do something or not, you’re still there being you. Doing your same job, in your same house with your same friends. Hating on other people got you nothing new.  If Trump keeps deporting, harassing and arresting everyone, then you’ll wake up one day with the saddest reality of all, that you have no one left to blame… but yourself.

Do something now.  Anything. Maybe work with one of these organizations. Or help here.  Or here. But whatever you do, don’t waste another 4 years following the wrong path.


You Might Be A Racist If…

You might be a racist if,

You are mad at “illegals” coming into America and “stealing your jobs,” and okay with them getting arrested, yet not demanding that the companies that hire them also be held accountable.

You might be a racist if,

You are outraged by “illegals” coming in the country, but only seem to notice the ones at the US-Mexico border with brown skin, but ignore the ones coming in from all over the globe and overstaying their visas, which outnumber border crossings 2 to 1.

You might be a racist if

You say you have a black friend, but don’t want your black friend to have access to the same jobs, healthcare and schools that you do.

You might be a racist, if

You spent 8 years making fun of everything awful Obama did – you remember, he wore a tan suit once? And also had the audacity to eat a salad. Remember that kept you up at night? Yet, not a peep about all the illegal, immoral and unethical things Trump does, says, and tweets every single day while working to weaken the US.

You might be a racist if

For 40 years you didn’t care about abortion being legal until you realized that it is mostly white women aborting white babies in America. (When Obama left office, abortion was at it’s lowest point since 1973. So, why were we talking about abortion still? Because a study came out that it was mostly white women doing the abortions.)

You might be a racist if

You say you are pro-life and that life begins at conception, and every life should be protected, yet you’re okay with children dying in US custody every month at the US border, or being taken from their parents. (If you value life and want to protect it, then protect all life.)

You might be a racists if,

It doesn’t bother you that African American women are 4 times more likely to die while being pregnant than white women in America. (Why? Because doctors are racist, too, and don’t always take concerns as seriously as they should. 60% of these deaths are completely preventable.)

You might be a racist if,

You’re okay with the fact that the leading cause of death for young black men is getting killed by police. (And sadly the police are usually mysteriously not held accountable.)

You might be a racist if,

You are confused by the term ‘White Privilege’ and don’t realize that everyone else in the United States has it way harder than white people.

You might be a racist if

You assume the person writing this couldn’t possibly be white.

You might be a racist if

Any of the above comments make you feel defensive or angry.

People see the term racist as a terrible word. But if you simplify it, it just means a person isn’t being respectful. If someone says, “you’re a racist” what they are really saying is “you’re being disrespectful.” So if someone calls you racist, don’t get defensive, instead get reflective, figure out how you were being disrespectful.

If you just found out from reading this that you are racist, then congrats. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem. While there is no known cure for racism, here are a few things that. you can get started with today to help ease the symptoms.

First step is to stop getting your news from racially biased sources, maybe start to read or watch a variety of news outlets. You can also reach out to people of other races, religions and countries. Invite them to lunch, or grab a coffee with them. Maybe just get to know them better when you have conversations. Maybe read up on statistics of problems facing minorities. Keep in mind that although other people have problems, it doesn’t invalidate your problems. We all have problems and face challenges. Instead of looking for ways that other races, religion and people are different from you, look for ways that they are the same.

And if you are suffering from racism, something that may give you a sigh of relief is it’s not your fault. Babies aren’t racist. Young children aren’t racist, they play with everyone. But somewhere along the way children are taught to be racist, and they grown into racist adults because of wrong-headed things they were told. If babies and children can be taught to be racist, they can also be taught to not be racist. They can unlearn racism, so to speak. But they have to want to. If you or a loved-one is suffering from racism, don’t suffer in silence. Get help somewhere. Reach out for understanding. Ask for help from a friend or family member that you know isn’t racist.

To stop being racist, you have to get comfortable asking people to stop saying racist things around you. They may still say them, but they don’t have to say them near you. Responding to racism is awkward, but a necessary step to combat it. It is also important to stand up for someone that is being targeted for hate. Speak up when you hear someone saying something racist or hateful.

Australia has created this helpful video.


It is important to get racism under control because disrespectful thoughts lead to hateful actions, or even worse, a society that turns a blind eye to hateful actions. For the past 3 years there has been a rise in hate crimes in the United States. Hate crimes have been exacerbated by a society that has become comfortable saying hateful things in public. Allowing hate speech to spread eventually allows violence to spread.

Find a way to say positive things about other races, religions and genders, and maybe instead of hate crimes rising, they will lower. Find a way to spread joy and acceptance instead of fear and mistrust.

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 11.03.05 PM


Amazon Ablaze

If the Amazon Rainforest is dying and it is the lungs of the planet that supplies 20% of the world’s oxygen, shouldn’t we all be out planting a tree? Shouldn’t we all be converting our rooftops into plant covered rooftops? Shouldn’t we be turning parking lots into green spaces? Asking for 7 1/2 billion friends who need oxygen.

Sure Brazil is the fifth largest country, but what are all the other countries doing to create more oxygen? Instead of pointing fingers at Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro (who by all means, sounds like a nutcase), instead of blaming him for deforestation, why doesn’t even country look within themselves to pick up the slack?

The fires burning in the Amazon Rainforest are a huge problem, the deforestation rate is clearing an area the size of Manhattan every day, and the Amazon is losing forests the size of greater London every three weeks… But didn’t someone clear the forests the size of Manhattan to create Manhattan? Someone had to have cleared the forests the size of Greater London to create Greater London.

Every nation has been clearing forests for centuries. Maybe it’s time to start giving back some oxygen instead of just stealing it. If you’re sitting in a parked car with the car running on an asphalt parking lot tweeting about how crazy and dangerous Brazil’s president it, maybe it’s time to look within your own country for solutions. Maybe instead of complaining about deforestation we all should be talking about reforestation within our own communities.

To be clear, I’m not saying that Brazi’s president isn’t a dirtbag, I’m pointing out that countries shouldn’t be dependent on other countries for something as basic as oxygen.

We shouldn’t just pray for the Amazon, we should plant for the Amazon by looking at ways to create more oxygen. Maybe every new parking lot that goes up is required to have grass driveways with permeable pavers? Almost every country and city could demand more drivable grass in parking areas and slow areas.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.22.49 AM

And let’s talk about walls, y’all. Both interior and exterior of buildings could have more flora to soak up the heat and provide more oxygen. And if a wall is covered in plants, there wouldn’t be the need to keep repainting it. Everyone should be googling how to plant an eco friendly living wall for your home or office.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.31.58 AM

Admittedly, a madman senselessly letting a giant rainforest burn makes me go through the roof… speaking of roofs, almost every roof in the world can be covered in plants. Shouldn’t building code laws start incorporating sustainable practices? Couldn’t we all benefit from environmentally friendly building?

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.35.01 AM

And when vacationing, we can all start picking eco-friendly or carbon neutral hotels and resorts. Green Globe certifies hotels that are environmentally friendly. While big chains are making small steps towards sustainability, new hotels are creating a model to build sustainable projects from the beginning.

And if you don’t have access to an exterior wall or the resources to build a whole new house, you can still get a pocket indoor vertical wall planter to get some more oxygen into your world.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 3.07.45 PM

Everyone should start talking more about sustainable design than bottom line. Doesn’t matter how much money your company, country or self made if you’re dead because there’s not enough oxygen left on the planet. People need to stop thinking of ways to leave money to their grandchildren, and start thinking of ways to leave oxygen, clean water and polar ice caps.

Brazil’s president might be an oxygen bandit, but he is only one of 7.5 billion people living on this green earth. Shouldn’t the rest of us try to offset him? Wouldn’t each of us doing our part be a step in the right direction?

Forest Steps 4

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.34.25 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.32.48 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.23.13 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.32.13 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.32.33 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.21.57 AM



Grasping Gun Statistics

A lot of Americans are desensitized to the mass shooting statistics in the US because they are so frequent and such large numbers. It’s overwhelming for a mind to grasp the reality of life in the US. 
Over 113,000 people are shot in the US annually, 40,000 of these people die. These are such big numbers, who could relate? Most people don’t even know what it would look like to see 113,000 people all at once. 
So I’ll break it down.
113,000 people getting shot annually is the equivalent to the entire town of Costa Mesa California. Or the entire population of High Point, NC or Pompano Beach, FL. It would be more than the entire town of Peoria, IL. It’s the number of people if you would get if you added Bismark, ND with White Plains, NY.
In terms of population, the gun statistics are the equivalent of everyone in a mid size city getting shot every single year. The gun deaths are the equivalent of wiping out an entire small town every year.
In terms of fatalities, it would be like losing two Wooster City, Ohios every single year, or one Valdosta, Georgia every year, or one Barlette City, Tennessee. Or two Shakoppe City, Minnesotas every year. Not just once, but every single year.
And we all also hear that you are more likely to be shot in the US than other countries. What does that mean? This is the list of all the countries that are safer than the US in terms of gun deaths.
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Georgia (the country)
Hong Kong
New Zealand
North Macedonia
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
All these countries have citizens that are mentally ill. All these countries have children who play video games. What these countries don’t have is citizens taking automatic weapons with them to buy coffee. These countries aren’t indiscriminate with guns. They have laws and they enforce them. They have laws about guns because they kill people. The same way the US has laws around cars, because they can kill people.
The only countries MORE dangerous than the US are:
El Salvador
I don’t know if this is helpful when having conversations about gun violence in the US, but it’s a big problem. Massive. The United States is allowing citizens to wipe the equivalent of entire towns off he map every single year. 

Make America America Again

Why congress doesn’t want Americans to have affordable healthcare…

US congressmen don’t get the largest donations from constituents, but rather big donors. Sure, they can go give a bunch of speeches, schlep all over their district, shake a bunch of hands, kiss a bunch of babies, but that’s a lot of work. Easier to cut that work in half and scratch a few backs, make a few promises and make way more money in campaign donations or goods/services.

This campaign standard creates a scenario, where most people writing the laws in the US are indebted to organizations or corporations, not American citizens.

How does this apply to healthcare? Since we know that the congresspeople writing laws are in the pocket of healthcare companies and insurance companies, it makes sense that they don’t want people to have affordable healthcare, because it means that their big healthcare donors would make less money.

But stay with me here, it’s bigger than that. ALL corporations benefit from expensive healthcare. (Small companies, not so much, but smaller companies also aren’t national politician’s top donors.)

The pre-existing condition clause was established to keep people trapped in their current job, afraid to leave. Sure, you could leave a job and maybe make more money, but you’d lose thousands paying for a medical condition that your new company insurance no longer pays for? Yes, the pre-existing condition clause prevented insurance companies from having to pay more healthcare bills, but it also prevented ALL corporations from having to pay more in wages. This is why congress will routinely revisit the threat of removing pre-existing conditions coverage. This is a carrot to dangle to excite donors, and threaten voters.

To realize the enormity and importance of the pre-existing conditions coverage, 27% of American adults under 65 have a pre-existing condition. According to Forbes, in a 2010 study before the enactment of ACA, “42% of adults aged 50 to 64 who tried to buy insurance in individual insurance markets were rejected outright, charged higher premiums, or had one or more disease conditions removed from coverage.”

There inlies the trap. America is a trap.

Wages in the US have been stagnant for over 40 years. According to a Pew Research study, the US wages are the same as they were in 1974. People may make more than 1974, but everything costs more, so individuals purchasing power is less. Sure, you can claim that there is low unemployment, but there is also low pay for that employment.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 8.56.19 AM
Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 8.56.07 AM

In Chicago alone there are 13,000 homeless people who are employed, but still can’t afford to pay rent. According to US News, “Around 18,000 of Chicago’s homeless had a college education in 2017 and more than 13,000 had jobs, according to a study that challenges stereotypes about homelessness.”

And this is just a study about one US city. Consider the percent of the 327 million people living in the United States that are homeless, and you get a sense of how big the problem is.

And if you want a heavy read, check out the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Spoiler alert, there are more homeless children than veterans.

Circling back here to point out that if more people in the US were paid fair wages, there would be less homelessness and poverty in what claims to be the richest country in the world. It is only “the richest country in the world” if you are the CEO of a corporation.

Last year CEO’s made 287 times more than their workers. Compare this to the 1970’s when CEOs only made 30 times more than their workers. According to CNBC:

“Since 1978, and adjusted for inflation, American workers have seen an 11.2 percent increase in compensation. During that same period, CEO’s have seen a 937 percent increase in earnings. That salary growth is even 70 percent faster than the rise in the stock market, according to the Economic Policy Institute.”

As this article points out, CEOs are not smarter than the 1970’s. They don’t have more education or more special skills, but rather they have the power to set pay in a nation where no one has the power to challenge this pay. Certainly not congress who is also on their payroll.

US citizens would be able to demand more money if they were able to freely move about the job marketplace in this “free” country. But Americans can’t. Because they are trapped. US workers are held captive by their jobs. There is no guarantee that social security will still be around in 20 years. There’s no healthcare guarantee. There is no safety net that citizens of other countries have after working a full lifetime. So Americans have stayed in jobs that they may hate to keep healthcare status quo, benefits status quo and their 401K the same.

US citizens, nor the US government can compete with Corporations.

Corporations now spend more lobbying Congress than taxpayers spend funding Congress

“Corporations now spend about $2.6 billion a year on reported lobbying expenditures – more than the $2 billion we spend to fund the House ($1.16 billion) and Senate ($820 million).”

While some people argue that the solution is to spend more money on congress, I disagree, corporations will still be able to match it. Fixing the problem of greed with more money won’t help. The solution is to pass a law that anyone running for office can only take campaign donations from individuals, not corporations or special interest groups.

But who will create this law? Certainly no one in congress. Unless…. unless voters demand it. Unless voters demand to vote them out until they pass a bill making it where congress can only take donations from individual US citizens.

#TakeBackTheHouse and #TakeBackTheSenate shouldn’t refer to Democrats or Republicans taking back the house and senate, but rather, American citizens. Both political parties are guilty of taking ginormous donations from special interest groups. Both Republican and Democrat voters should demand that their leaders stop taking money from anyone but US individuals. This is a non-partisan issue.

Here’s a directory of US House Representatives by state.

Here’s a directory of US Senators by state.

Contact them if you think the government set up to be “for the people, by the people” should actually be for the people and by the people again. The US constitution starts off “We the people” and I think it’s time the people were part of the ‘we’ again.

Georgia’s Strict Abortion Law May Weaken The State’s Booming Film Industry

It’s important to look at how Georgia got to where it is as headlines report that Georgia’s new abortion law is causing productions to “pull out” of the state, such as Reed Morano who won an Emmy for The Handmaid’s Tail and Kristin Wiig’s upcoming comedy. The state of Georgia didn’t become anti-women overnight. Anyone in Georgia surprised by the state’s recent restrictive law hasn’t been paying attention.

The reason the state of Georgia is ignoring Roe vs. Wade is because of active members of groups like “Georgia Right to Life” (GRTL) and anti-abortion groups that have been petitioning, emailing, writing and calling lawmakers for decades. The GRTL anti-abortion group is so radical that they broke with the National Right to Life Group to form Georgia Life Alliance because they thought the abortion restrictions requested by the National Anti-Abortion groups weren’t restrictive enough on women.

Even though 25% of women in the US have had naturally occurring miscarriages, the new Georgia bill has the potential to investigate any women who has a miscarriage. And the bill allows for incarceration of women who leave the state of Georgia to legally obtain an abortion in another state.

The bill was signed into law by Brian Kemp, a man who was elected governor of Georgia while he was serving as Secretary of State. Kemp was in charge of overseeing the ethics of his own Georgia Governor’s election, even though he was a candidate in the race. Kemp is known for deleting thousands of voters off the ballots in districts he wasn’t polling well in, as well as closing polling locations in areas he knew he couldn’t win.

Worth noting that not only does the US has the highest maternal death rate among developed nations, but the state of Georgia has the highest maternal death rate for all US states. The effects of this new law in Georgia will likely be very deadly for many Georgia women.

Georgia offers tax incentives to lure production to Georgia and it is a big business. In the past ten years, the number of productions in Georgia has grown ten-fold because of a 30% tax credit. In 2018, Georgia’s film industry boasted 455 productions and $2.7 billion in direct spending.

If you’re not sure what abortion laws have to do with film production, consider this, approximately 50% of a film’s viewers will be female. What message is a film or a channel sending if they don’t care about the rights of 50% of their target audience? And if you are making a film, is it worth it to risk the chance that 50% of potential viewers might not watch the show?

In the same manner that people promote fair trade chocolate and coffee that is made in a region or on a farm that treats people fairly, film and TV productions should produce in a socially responsible manner that sources from a region the treats all people in a humane manner.

So contact the below production houses if you are bothered by them spending money in a state that trusts a male politician to be the official election oversight of his own election, but doesn’t trust a woman to oversee decisions about her own vagina.


Georgia production projects currently filming as of May, 2019

Project Type Distributor/Network
Ambitions TV Special/Series OWN
Bigger S1 TV Special/Series BET
Christmas on the Square TV Movie Netflix
Conjuring 3 Feature Film Warner Bros.
Couples Court with the Cutlers TV Reality syndicated
Deadly Cult TV Reality Oxygen
Dish Nation S7 TV Reality FOX
Dollar Toy Squad TV Special/Series
Don’t Be Tardy S8 TV Reality Bravo
Dwight in Shining Armor S2 TV Special/Series BYUTV
Encore TV Reality Disney Platform
Fear Street Feature Film FOX
Good Eats: The Return TV Reality Food Network
Greenland Feature Film STX
Greenleaf S4 TV Special/Series OWN
Holidate Feature Film Netflix
India Sweets & Spices Feature Film indie
Insatiable S2 TV Special/Series Netflix
Intolerable with Nancy Grace TV Reality Oxygen
Irresistible Feature Film Focus Features/Universal
Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court TV Reality syndicated
Live to Tell TV Reality Investigation Discovery
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S8 TV Reality VH1
Married to Medicine S7 TV Reality Bravo
One Heart Feature Film indie
Ozark S3 TV Special/Series Netflix
P Valley TV Special/Series Starz
Personal Injury Court TV Reality syndicated
Real Housewives of Atlanta S12 TV Reality Bravo
Robbie TV Special/Series Comedy Central
Saints & Sinners S4 TV Special/Series Bounce TV
Stargirl S1 TV Special/Series DC Universe
The Aquarium TV Reality Animal Planet
The Encounter TV Special/Series Pureflix
The Outsider TV Special/Series HBO
The Plath Family TV Reality TLC
The Real World TV Reality Facebook Watch
The Walking Dead S10 TV Special/Series AMC


US House Democrats Are About To Ruin All 2020 Democrat Campaigns and Most Don’t Even See It Coming.

US House Democrats are about to ruin it for all 2020 Democrats and most Democrats don’t even see it coming. There has been a power failure and Democrat leaders are sitting in the dark pretending everything is okay.

We now know that Trump lost almost a billion dollars in one year, 1995. And possibly additional billions in the subsequent years. We also know that after this, no US banks would lend to him because he was a known cheat and too big of a financial risk.

I guess the main point of concern with Trump’s past financial information is that since no US banks would lend to him and he was billions of dollars in debt, this confirms that he either took loans from foreign nations/foreign nationals OR he’s still billions of dollars in debt. Either way, he’s compromised and vulnerable to blackmail and bribes that either began after he was elected, or obviously the more likely scenario, before he was even elected.

In addition to being financial compromised by business dealings in the 1980’s/1990’s, there are known crimes that Trump has committed in recent years that he should be on trial for. Hundreds of former federal prosecutors (both Democrat and Republican) say that based on the information in the Mueller Report, Trump would be under indictment if he weren’t a sitting President. And the Mueller Report is still incomplete, many White House officials refused to cooperate with the investigation, including the President. And as many reporters have pointed out, although Trump refused to talk to Robert Mueller about Russia, he gladly spoke with Russia this week about Robert Mueller.

If US House Democrats are willing to ignore reality and facts, then how are they any different from Republicans living in fact vacuums? Ignoring Trump’s crimes and ethical missteps make Democrats guilty of the same ignorance and delusion as the Americans living in a Republican induced coma.

But many Americans are woke, so now is not the time for Democrats to go back to sleep. Because the ones that are woke voted to get a Democratic majority in the house.

Of course all Americans are concerned about healthcare, wages, economy, education, etc. These concerns didn’t go away. But the single issue that got everyone to stand in line to vote Democrats into office in the House was Trump. The single issue voters were reading about since 2016 was Trump. The single issue voters were talking about to each other and posting on social media about was Trump. The single thing that Democrats agree may ruin our nation is Trump. It is mind-blowing that Democrats finally have their party, their base, completely united on a single issue and completely choke when it’s time to act on that issue.

Democrats are rolling the dice on our democracy, and don’t seem to realize that they might be about to lose it all.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 12.18.06 PM

Brian Klaas with the Washington Post delves into the misguided logic that Democrats are using to justify stagnation. He points out that “impeachment isn’t just a tool to remove a president — it’s also a way to mark a presidency with historic disapproval, thereby deterring similar conduct for future presidents.”

Democrats can’t worry about what will happen with impeachment when it gets to the Senate. All Democrats have to do is the right thing. Democrats need to move the country forward from the past 3 abysmal years with whatever tools they have available to them. Democrats, you aren’t responsible for other people’s reactions, but you are responsible for your own actions (or lack there of).

For years, Democrats get a bad rap because they are often seen as weak. People think Democrats are elite, so caught up in thinking, they forget about the doing part of their job. And 2019 is proving this perception might be more accurate than Democrats would like to admit. 

There were ample reasons to impeach Trump before this week’s news. Now we know Trump is a unique combination of Bernie Madoff and Al Capone, and that’s just from a few years of taxes the public has seen. There’s still almost 2 decades of taxes since then Americans haven’t been privy to yet. 

I fear Democrats are forgetting that many people voted for Obama then turned around and voted for Trump because they felt like Obama (and the Democratic Party) didn’t do enough when they had the power to do so.

Now loyal Democrats who are starting to agree with this mindset. What is the point of voting Democrat if Democrats are too paralyzed by fear and indecision to do anything once in office? Democrats are literally so paralyzed by their own power that they are making themselves powerless. Americans don’t want to keep electing corrupt leaders, but the leaders with good intentions and no plan of action are equally useless.

I now understand the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” because America is now on that road, driving at such a rapid speed that we’re almost there. 

Democrats Allege Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

This week Democrats alleged that where there is smoke, there is fire.

Although, 99% of the world’s scientists have confirmed that where there is smoke, there is always a fire to produce the smoke, Republicans aren’t so sure.

Today President Trump tweeted, “No smoke, no fireh. Fake News. Obama was born in Kenyah, such a sh*thole.”

Then he followed up by calling into Fox & Friends to say, “Look, I don’t know where the Lying Democrats get this idea that where there is smoke, there is fire. I mean, there can be fire without smoke, just ask Kim Jong Un, you know what I call him? I call him Rocket Man. Rocket Man! You know why? He plays with rockets. And people who play with rockets know a lot about fire. And so he does and so I ask him, and I say ‘Kimmie’ you know I call him Kimmie, I say ‘Kimmie, do you think when there is smoke there is fire?’ And he tells me no. Actually he says, “All this science I don’t understand. It’s just my job five days a week. I’m a rocket man. Rocket mannn. And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time.” So if Kimmie tells me there’s no fire when there is smoke, I believe him.

Fox News anchor tried to clarify the president’s comments, “So you’re saying there’s no fire?”

Trump confirmed, “Look, we didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the world’s been turning. No we didn’t light it, but we tried to hide it. Joseph Stalin, Mlenkov, Nasser and Prokofiev, Rockefeller, Campanella, Communist Bloc. Roy Cohn, Juan Peron, Toscanini, Dacron, Dien Bien Phu falls, rock around the clock…”

The Fox and Friends anchors were visibly uncomfortable as they quickly interrupted Trump and cut him off to go to a commercial break.

Democrats worry about the optics of publicly stating that there is literally a fire if you see smoke. Democrats say smoke is caused by fire and allegedly smoke inhalation can be dangerous to a person’s health.

Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) has privately told staffers that although he knows when there’s smoke there’s fire, he’s worried if he points this out publicly, it will elicit sympathy from Trump supporters. Legislative staffers speaking anonymously say, “This could backfire. It could garner more sympathy for Trump, because maybe he never knew that when there is smoke there is fire. Maybe no one ever told him. It’s possible.”

While Democrats think it’s time to stop, drop and roll. Republicans aren’t ready to put out the fire.

Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee defends the president saying, “Who cares if there is smoke or if there is fire? Both happen. Let’s just burn the whole country down to the ground. Often countries like Finland just let things burn, you know. Then the soil is better. Why are we even investigating this? It’s a witch hunt. Let the fire burn because there’s no smoke.”

While Republicans throw up their hands in the air and profess that this is bananas, Democrats point out that it’s more like Bananas Foster.

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.), a member of the Oversight and Intelligence committees responded to Collins, “Don Jr. is right in the middle of all of this. He’s like everywhere. And certainly in that case I think he would be fair game for questions, he smells smokey, anyone who gets near him can smell it, his eyebrows are singed and his jacket is burnt. We even have hospital receipts where he was treated for third degree burns. In this case, he is a material witness.”

Melania told reporters that her and her family had never ever even seen smoke, or fire, and she wasn’t sure if either even exists. Then later was spotted wearing a jacket that says, “I don’t smoke, do you?”

Pundits pointed out that Jared Kushner has a cigar bar called The Grand Havana Room, so he has to have been exposed to smoke.

Ivanka released a statement, “Neither myself or my husband has ever seen smoke or fire. Jared has never even stepped foot in the Cigar bar in the building that he owns.”

Then the New York Times quickly released photos of every single Trump smoking.

Ivanka’s publicist quickly came to the family’s defense, “The photos are not what they look like, these were e-cigarettes, the Trump’s were vaping. Trump Junior was using a Vape-Cigar.”

Democrats quickly pointed out that the photos were taken before vaping or e-cigarettes were invented.

Random Twitter user who is unqualified to comment on a news article and we aren’t even sure who they are, said this about Jared Kushner’s Cigar Bar, “Ja-Kush wasn’t even registered as a Repub when he bought the bldg w/ Cigar Bar. He wuz a woman at the time, so toats diff person. It wasn’t him.”

And another Twitter user with no credibility said this, “Just because you own a building, doesn’t mean you’ve been inside it. #WeLoveYouJaKush”

Country Music legend, Willie Nelson even tweeted about smoke-gate, “Hell, if smoke didn’t cause fire, I would have never been able to write a single song.”

Trump Jr., who does not have an official position in the administration, and is often called “the lesser of two Ericks” has been advised not to comment. But he did anyway when he fired off this tweet, “Fire and smoke both happen. They happen. I lit something on fire and there was smoke. Giant smoke. So what? But now it’s burned and you can prove I ever burned it. Want me to say I’m sorry. Sorry. Not gonna happen.”

During a press briefing Sarah Sanders couldn’t hide her disgust. “Trump Junior said he was sorry. The word sorry was in his tweet. It’s disgusting to watch the main stream media go after Trump’s children. Even though they all advise him and or work in the White House, they should be off limits. Except Tiffany. You can go after her, no one in the family talks to her anyway.”

Even though no one in all of America asked for him to comment, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham quickly jumped in the conversation by lashing out at Democrats in a fiery high-pitched speech, “Boy, y’all want power. God, I hope you never get it. What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life. Trump Jr. did nothing. Nothing! And if he did do something, it was nothing. What a shame. Our government is a sham.”

While Trump Jr admitted to fire causing smoke, Democrats are still reluctant to react to his confession.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a member of the Oversight Committee, said, “We have to distinguish members of the Trump family who are actually in the government or playing public roles from those who are not, and right now, it’s really hard to tell who is and who isn’t helping the president in an official capacity. So while smoke obviously causes fire and everyone knows it, we have to make sure we point out obvious facts in a very delicate manner.”

According to a CNN poll, 68% of Americans believe that smoke causes fire, while 24% that believe that smoke and fire do not exist and are fictional words invented by Hillary Clinton.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.43.14 AM

This article was written by Staff Writer who wants to point out the truth, but not make it too obvious, so instead settled on subtle hits at the truth, while still creating the plausibility that the Republican’s lie could in fact be truth in effort to seem neutral to be able to sell ads to both Democrats and Republicans. Rather than report fact as fact, we prefer to report fact as something the democrats said to create the illusion that fact may not actually be factual.