Focus, Dems, Focus!

Warning: This is a shame rant. A shant.

Unfortunately America is a two party system.  So, Like it or not, politics in the US is a team sport. I wish there were more Independents, but there aren’t. So this is how the game is played, Democrats vs. Republicans. You pick a team, and you play for that team. You either fully endorse that team, or you quit and play for the other team.

Democrats are forfeiting every game because they don’t have enough players. Instead of looking down at the Republicans for how corrupt and dangerous their players are, Democrats need to admire the fact that they have a full team.

Republicans keeps winning seats in the House and Senate because they give massive support to their fellow candidates, no matter how shitty they are. TWO national level elections were yesterday! TWO!!! And no top Dems were talking about it!

Democrats should have taken a break from holding the floor and look up because the other was team was about to score! Jon Ossoff and Archie Parnell – that is what everyone should have been talking about yesterday, and that’s the ONLY thing Democrats should have been talking about this week.

Democrats, stop letting Republicans distract you! Stop letting Republicans drive the news cycle. Focus on the things you can control. Don’t keep wasting time reacting to what the Republicans are doing, develop your own plan and talk about that.

Not only did top Dems NOT support the candidates that ran for office this week, they took news coverage away from the races while they were holding the floor. If they hadn’t been holding the floor and had been out campaigning or on news shows talking about the Georgia and South Carolina candidates, maybe they would have won.

And Democrats are terrible at responding to smear campaigns. Republicans were talking about how Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in his district. Well, Karen Handel isn’t even from GEORGIA! Why weren’t they talking about that? Ossoff is a born and bred Georgian who went to school in Georgia! That’s worth pointing out, over and over again, until everyone knows that fact.

Democrats screwed the pooch earlier this year, giving away seats in both Wyoming and Kansas. No one could get their act together to promote the veteran running in KS because top Democrats were too busy at the time yelling at Sean Spicer for a strategically placed Holocaust Denial over Passover.

And the guy running for Congress in Wyoming, Rob Quist, wasn’t cool enough for Dems to fully endorse because he looks like, well, a guy from Wyoming. He’s on your team, man!!! If you’ve been elected as a Democrat, embrace these Dem candidates no matter how flawed they are! Even if they look like Snoopy’s brother, at least the Democrats aren’t beating up reporters! Republicans are winning and they can’t even spell the word! #inning For crying outloud!

And again, Rob Quist was running against a billionaire with an agenda who wasn’t from the state, just like in Georgia.

Dems keep literally handing Republicans the mic. They let them drive the news narrative while they sit in the passenger seat and complain about their driving.

No coincidence Republicans are now dangling a healthcare vote to distract from the Georgia election – an election that GOP is so worried about that they stole voting machines and looked the other way at reports that they may have been hacked. And the true sign that they are worried is Trump was tweeting about it. He only tweets about things that are troublesome to him.

Republicans keep winning elections because Democrats are too sheepish to stop them. There, I said it. Grow a pair and stop being so polite. Call people out on bad behavior.

What concerns me more than the Republican leadership’s harmful antics is the Democrats lack of strategy to combat it. Sure, there’s the resistance, but that movement was started and is being led Indivisible,, SURJ and a bunch of other organizations. To my knowledge, no one from the Democratic party is at the helm of that movement. Since November, Democratic leadership has been MIA.

Republicans 100% get behind a candidate, no matter how awful they are. There isn’t a candidate too despicable for Republicans to endorse. Their candidate can beat up a reporter, sexually assault women, mock disabled people on video, take orders from a foreign gov. – it doesn’t matter, because they own it. They find a silver-lining and talk it up. They rally behind their piece of crap candidate are out selling that shit, “Step right up! Taste the most amazing piece of crap you’ve ever seen! It’s delicious! Everyone says it’s the best! Critics give our crap a five star rating! Believe me, you’re gonna love it!”

And people start lining up at their shit stand to see what all the commotion is about at their shit show.

Meanwhile Dems have a piece of cake and are scrutinizing it, apologizing and complaining, “Hey, try our cake, I mean, it could use more frosting, and it’s just plain vanilla, it’s not the chocolate cake we all loved, and I actually ordered a Bernie cake! I didn’t even want this boring one, but whatever, try it if you want. No pressure.”

What I’m saying is, if you’re a Democrat, lower your bar, embrace and rally the players you have. So what if your team is entirely walk on players? At least with a full team you get to play the game.

So, Democrats, get your shit together. Make a game plan. Market the shit out of the players you have. Call out the other team when there is a foul. Know that you can’t change what the other team will do, but you can change the way you respond to it, and you can control what you do.

And last, but definitely not least, stop repeatedly patting yourselves on the back after you lose with “It was really close, we gave it our all.” No, if you had given it your all you would have won.





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