Covfefe definition

1. The fee, or cost, of covering one’s own ass. Covfefe can be used to include actual payments or fees or can imply a price paid such as loss of dignity, or stress on one’s self or family. Covfefe usually refers to costs or prices that are ass-tronomical. This word is often used by maniacal dictators tweeting in the middle of the night.
Confefe in a sentence:
I can’t sleep anymore, my covfefe keeps me up at night.
I thought my confefe would be paid by myself, by my entire family and nation are chipping in to pay it.
My confefe is costing 100 times more than I ever expected.
Covfefe Word Origin
The word is a hybrid of the words “covering” and “fee” joined together, originally it was covfee or covfe, but was often auto-corrected to coffee. Later an additional fee or fe was added to highlight that the fee for covering is massive or enormous. People are often arrested or relegated to low-standing in society when they can’t cover their covfefe.

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