Words Matter. Clicks Matter.

Clicks matter. Think before you click.

Every time you click a website, that website counts it as a point on their scoreboard. If you click and go to a website, they count your click towards page views. And how long you stay on that page also important. The number of page views is how they set their advertising prices. And how long readers stay on a page is bragging rights.

Even if you vehemently disagree with what you are reading, you are supporting it the minute you land on the page. Does it matter if 1/3 of the people reading Breitbart news are horrified? No, their followers are followers, and their readers are readers. They don’t care what you feel inside. Maybe you think CNN is liberal media and abhor it, doesn’t matter to them, as long as you keep reading and clicking and sharing. Every time you share a website, you support that website, and every time you share a link and someone clicks it or forwards it or retweets it, that company or website is making money.

So to boil all this down and over-simplify, you may be financially supporting fake news. Or you may just be supporting real, bad news.

Since the beginning of media, headlines have been written to stir an emotion inside humans so that readers are compelled to read the article. Of course the headlines are compelling. They are always interesting. But you don’t have to click it. Google the topic, find another way to read the info if it’s important to you.

Of course, if you’re an advertiser, it’s worth considering that a website that is using fake words, may also be using fake numbers.

And also consider that if you click on a website with malware, you computer may be toast. Always read to see what the URL is before you click.

As we learned from the this year, what you are reading and paying attention to matters more than what you believe. It doesn’t matter what you believe philosophically, if what your doing technologically conflicts with that. More simply put, actions are louder than words. Clicks are more important than beliefs. Even though many Americans were offended and outraged by a candidate, we were all so busy paying attention to the candidate that we neglected to find out anything about the other candidates. Or pay attention to the other issues going on in the world this year.

And for those of you who read this far and are thinking it, no, I don’t make any money on this blog. This benefits you more than me. So feel free to click it. Share it.


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