Bampots United

Nigel Farage, mastermind behind brexit, was in Jackson, Missississippi speaking on a stage beside Donald Trump. I assume his affiliation with Trump was in an attempt to get voters to vote for Trump.

Jackson, take a moment to click back further in your newsfeed.

Trump found someone who is hated in his own country to speak for him in the US. Nigel Farage is most famous for lying to everyone in the UK in order to get Brexit passed, then neglecting to hold up his end of the bargains. The Indepenedent shared videos to remind Nigel of his promises when he later denounced them after the vote. The Telegraph also covers this topic with this headline:

Nigel Farage: £350 million pledge to fund the NHS was ‘a mistake’

To Americans, Farage is a cute little English politician. To people living in the UK, Farage is the quintessential lying politician. He is loathed. He promised money for their National Health Service. Then claimed he never promised it. He told people who live in less affluent areas that are currently supported by EU funds like Wales and Cornwall, that the amount of money coming in to those areas wouldn’t change after Brexit. Which as it turns out isn’t true either. These areas will suffer most as they will be losing massive funding from the EU. He promoted Brexit by saying that funds were leaving the UK, but neglected to mention that funds were actually coming back in to the UK.

After brexit was announced the British economy took a beating, the value of the British pound plummeted. Actually the only people who benefited from Brexit were other countries.

According to Fortune, “Appearing at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi, Donald Trump was joined onstage Wednesday night by a similar politician from across the pond—Nigel Farage, the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.” The key word in that sentence is FORMER. Nigel is probably speaking in the US because he isn’t allowed to speak in his own country.

This summer Donald Trump received a huge backlash for praising brexit while he was in Scottland. Apparently Trump wasn’t aware that most of Scottland was highly opposed to brexit, the majority voted against it and they were infuriated when it happened. He is right that the United Kingdom came together during Brexit. However, the only thing they came together to do is sling insults at Trump. Noteworthy ones are “witless fucking cocksplat” and “touped fucktrumpet” and “tiny fingered, Cheto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon” and “weasel head fucknugget.”

These are off the tasting menu, see more insults online at The Daily Dot and

I spoke with someone in the UK about Nigel Farage who confirmed, “He’s the worst.”

So, I guess the news reports are correct, Trump and Farage do have a lot in common. However as terrible as Farage is, he had sense enough to just speak about Brexit, while not actually endorsing Trump.

We still live in an America where you can fake a British accent to pick up chicks, but don’t fake Britian’s support to pick up voters, that’s insulting.

*Apologies to anyone who saw the title Bampots United and thought this was going to be about a soccer team or footballers club.






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