All Bets Are Off

Last week, Republicans began leaking drafts of a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus from over 70 Republicans. The letter is urging the RNC to cut off funding to Donald Trump’s campaign that is circling the drain and instead give the money to other Republican campaigns.

I whole-heartedly agree that Republicans shouldn’t spend another dime on Trump, and should spend the next couple of months trying to patch holes in their sinking ship. However, their reasons for doing so are embarrassing and insulting to all Americans, especially Republicans.

In most presidential elections, the conventions are the official kick-off of the campaigns. For Trump, the convention was less of an exciting pre-game party full of enthusiasm, but instead more of an after party with close friends and family. And the campaign it has steadily lost momentum since then.

The letter states that Republicans are now concerned about Trump’s “divisiveness, recklessness and incompetence.” But if you read the whole letter, you realize the Republicans are more concerned with his “record breaking unpopularity.” They’re not concerned about the end of humanity because Trump admittedly doesn’t understand the concept of mutually assured destruction, but rather worried about a “democratic landslide.” They’re not outraged by the awful things he has done and said, but rather that these things have “alienated voters.”

On MSNBC former Republicans Tom Coleman (Missouri) and Mickey Edwards (Oklahoma) explain why they signed the letter. Coleman says, “He doesn’t have the emotional stability to be President of the United States and to have access to nuclear weapons.”

There has been some backlash that former elected officials are speaking out, not current ones. Making the entire Republican party look like a party of cowards because the only vocal ones are former politicians with absolutely nothing to lose.

According to Politico:

“Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire and former Reps. Chris Shays of Connecticut, Tom Coleman of Missouri and Vin Weber of Minnesota are among the Republicans lending their name to the letter. Close to 20 of the co-signers are former RNC staffers, including Mindy Finn (former RNC chief digital strategist), Christine Iverson Gunderson (former RNC press secretary), Virginia Hume Onufer (former RNC deputy press secretary), Beth Miller (former RNC field communications division director), Heather Layman (former deputy press secretary), B. Jay Cooper (former RNC communications director under four chairmen) and Patrick Ruffini (former RNC ecampaign director).”

Read more:

The disturbing part is the RNC continued to back Trump when he was making dangerous, divisive and reckless comments. They fully supported him knowing that he is diabolical. The turning point, when they stopped supporting Trump, was when his poll numbers dropped.

The RNC letter quickly references Trump’s polling numbers in the second paragraph of the three page letter with concerns about the “catastrophic impact that Donald Trump’s losing presidential campaign will have on down-ballot senate and house races.”

Time out. I’m sorry, but SEVENTY Republicans are stating in writing that they don’t want to support Trump any more because he is officially losing and this will affect other Republicans running for office? Seriously? THAT is the straw that broke the camel’s back? Not because he (admittedly) lacks the skill to be President or the social graces? Not because he is anti-education? Not because he is constantly insulting women, babies, minorities and people with disabilities? Not because he has gone bankrupt more times than anyone can count and is already causing strain on the American economy without even being president yet? Not because he’s unclear on how nuclear weapons work? Not because he insults veterans and parents of war heroes? Not bothered that he put out a hit on his opposition, Hillary Clinton? All these things don’t bother anyone in the Republican Party until he drops dangerously low in the polls? All these things you can overlook? Thumbs up to totally manic behavior? You’d rather have a diabolical dictator in the oval office as long as he’s a Republican dictator?

Republicans, this letter doesn’t make you look better. It makes you look way, way worse. Trying to change your bet after the betting window has closed? Last call was months ago. Too little, way too late. It’s like the scene in the Titanic movie, where the ship has already sunk, her lover has died and Kate Winslet’s character Rose floats on a piece of debris, with wreckage and carnage all floating all around her. She is shivering so badly that she almost can’t blow a whistle for the rescue boat passing by. That is what this RNC letter is. The tragic, shivering last hope of being saved after everyone on the ship is gone.

And the Politicians on the fence withholding their endorsement of Trump, where are your balls? Taking a firmly undecided stance is a petty schoolyard political move, even worse than the ones standing up to him too late. But I respect George Will who left the Republican party because of Trump’s antics even when Trump was still doing well in the polls.

Americans in general, but especially Republicans, pride themselves on projecting strength. Historically, Republicans want a John Wayne and do not tolerate pussies. So hard-core Republicans are really bothered that they can either vote for an informed, educated, experienced female politician or an irrational little man-girl.

It’s going to be a blue Christmas as many Republicans will be voting for Hillary, and this will affect all 2016 US elections.

eliberately and repeatedly lyin! about scores o% issues, lar!e and small’  *hose recent outra!es have built on his campai!n o% an!er and e4clusion, durin! “hich he has mocked and o$ended millions o% voters, includin! the disabled, “omen, 6uslims, immi!rants, and minorities’ -e also has sho”n dan!erous authoritarian tendencies, includin! threats to ban an entire reli!ion %rom enterin! the country, order the military to break the la” by torturin! prisoners, kill the %amilies o% suspected terrorists, track la”+abidin! 6uslim citi0ens in databases, and use e4ecutive orders to implement other ille!al and unconstitutional measures’  *hose dis7uali%yin! elements o% *rump&s personality and positions arre8ected in his plummetin! support’ As respected pollin! analyst Nate ilver recently “rote, 9recent :o4 Ne”s6arist Colle!e and N;C Ne”s</all treet  =ournal national polls sho
” *rump trailin! Clinton by > to ?@ percenta!e points, mar!ins that “ould make %or the lar!est !eneral election blo”out since ?>@ i% they held’BCommentin! on the 6arist poll, 
The Washington Post 
 said, 9 *hose numbers are, to put it bluntly, shockin!’ 6itt Romney “as never do”n by that much toPresident Obama in D?2 his “orst poll “as a survey in =une %rom ;loomber!that had him do”n ?E, “ith @D percent o% the vote’B On Clinton&s seven+pointlead in the pollin! avera!e, the article continued, 9Relative to 5lection ay inDD@, DD and D?, ClintonFs lead is more than t”ice that o% the eventual victor at this point’ 9 Accordin! to ilver, “hose analysis correctly picked @> o% the GD states in theDD presidential election and all GD states in D?, current pollin! !ives  *rump barely a ?G percent chance o% bein! elected president in November‘  *hat pollin! pro.ects a potential EGD electoral vote blo”out %or -illarClinton, includin! a s”eep o% every battle!round state %rom :lorida to Pennsylvania, Ohio, 6ichi!an, /isconsin, 6innesota, Colorado, Hir!inia, and North Carolina’ *rump&s across+the+board collapse has put even Republican bastions like eor!ia and Ari0ona in play’ As you kno”, there are very rarely lar!e shi%ts in support at this late sta!e in a presidential election cycle, particularly “ith t”o candidates as “ell kno”n to the public as the current nominees’ ;eyond *rump&s likely electoral %ailure, his actions to”ard his %ello” Republicans should dis7uali%y him %rom receivin! any %urther support’ ince “innin! the primaries, *rump has claimed he “ants to uni%y the party but instead has doubled do”n on vicious and ven!e%ul attacks on %ello” Republicans, includin!1 
 *hreatenin! to set up a super PAC “ith tens o% millions o% dollars o% his o”n money to !o a%ter Republicans “ho did not support him2
/arnin! a OP enator that he mi!ht “ork a!ainst his reelection2
Callin! another incumbent Republican enator a 9loserB to his enate peers2
Repeatin! his %alse and outlandish claims that yet another enator&s %ather played some role in the ennedy assassination2
Accusin! the nation&s Jrst -ispanic “oman overnor o% 9not doin! her  .ob2B and
Re%usin! to initially endorse the peaker o% the -ouse and at least t”o Republican enators, despite their support %or his presidential bid’In summary, every dollar spent by the RNC on onald *rump&s campai!n is a dollar o% donor money “asted on the losin! e$ort o% a candidate “ho has actively undermined the OP at every turn’ Rather than thro”in! !ood money a%ter bad, the RNC should shi%t its strate!y and its resources to convince voters not to !ive -illary Clinton the 9blank checkB o% a emocrat+controlled Con!ress to advance her bi! !overnment a!enda’i!nin! an appeal such as this is not easy %or any o% us’ ;ut in our vie”,  *rump&s divisive and dan!erous actions are not only a threat to our other candidates, but to our Party and the nation’ Only s”i%t and decisive action can save the Republican Party and protect the hundreds o% other OP candidates runnin! %or oce’ /e ur!e the RNC to immediately halt all support %or onald *rump and invest its resources in a real and “innable campai!n to save the Republican enate and -ouse’incerely,KNA65 AN PA*<C3RR5N* OP POI*ION 

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