Trump Campaign Circling the Drain

The past 2 days have shown the Trump Presidential Campaign circling the drain after an unprecedented amount of setbacks. We’re breaking down everything that has happened since 8:00 am yesterday according to NBC News.

  • This week Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump went from being a threat to democracy to being a threat to humanity. According to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, Trump repeatedly asked a foreign policy expert why we can’t use nukes. Allegedly saying, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?” Trump’s unfamiliarity with Mutually Assured Destruction has the entire world shitting their pants. Except for this guy who laughed heartily and said, “and they think I’m dangerous?”

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.38.08 AM

  • Trump declined to endorse Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan against his primary challenger. According to Philip Rucker at the Washington Post, this “escalated his war with his own party’s leadership.” And Trump’s comments were “an extraordinary breach of political decorum.” More Republicans began to question their decision to promote a candidate who enjoys petty power plays. My favorite quote on this is from Jonathan Chiat who wrote “his only form of cooperation is dominance.”
  • Trump said his reasons for not endorsing Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte is “she has given me zero support.” McCain, Ryan and Ayotte have endorsed Trump for President, but he has not returned the favor. Instead he is childishly withholding support because they disapproved of him smearing the parents of a Muslim American War hero. (More below on that mishap.)
  • He had yet another disturbing mishandling of sexual harassment issues by saying that it has “got to be up to the individual” among other offensive comments. (Basically Trump claims that you fix sexual harassment by not letting yourself get sexually harassed. Presumably he will end mass shootings by telling people to stop getting shot and will then cure cancer by encouraging people to stop getting sick.)
  • His son, Eric Trump was pulled into the discussion on CNN and attempted to defuse the issue by saying that his sister Ivanka was strong and powerful and would “never allow herself to be subjected to sexual harrassment.” I guess this explains why Ivanka works for her dad, however it was unsettling to hear that neither Trump nor his son even understand what sexual harassment actually is. Reporters on CNN visibly shuddered when watching these shocking comments by Eric Trump and responded with “wwwwhhhaaaat?” and “that is bananas!”
  • Although he refused to stand up for respectable Republican party members, Trump defended his friend, former Fox News Chairman, Roger Ailes who was accused of sexually harassing over two dozen women. Instead of questioning the man with dozens of complaints, Trump questioned the women complaining. Again, “wwwwwwhhhhhaaaaat?” “That is bananas!”
  • Katie Packer, a Republican Consultant was appalled at Trump’s comment that a women should just quit a job if she is harassed. Packer responded with, “Why should a woman just walk away? …Shouldn’t we all be subjected to fair treatment in the workplace?” She also pointed out the obvious flaw in Trump’s plan, which is that most people can’t just up and quit their job. (I’ll quote Gwen Stefani here, “B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”)
  • Trump took a multi pronged approach to insulting all American veterans:
    • During a speech, Trump said that he’s “always wanted” to receive a Purple Heart but that having one gifted to him by a supporter was “much easier.”
    • Trump’s comment led reporters to discover that he dodged the draft numerous times for no good reason.
    • He received backlash from both Repubicans and Democrats for saying Khizr Khan was bothered by his plan to keep terrorists out of the country, insinuating that the father of an American war hero was a terrorist.
    • So she wouldn’t feel left out, Trump also took a jab at the grieving Veteran’s mother by saying that she wasn’t allowed to speak at the convention because of her Muslim faith. As it turned out, she did have things to say, especially to Donald Trump.
    • Then to make sure he thoroughly pissed everyone off, Trump said that he had no regrets about insulting the Khan family. (Khizr Khan gave a gripping speech at the DNC that was so well received that Politico describes the speech as “Seven Minutes that Shook the Convention.” And the speeches at the DNC were especially important this year because the Democratic Convention was viewed by millions more than the Republican Convention – Ouch.)
    • In his speech, Khan referred to his son’s death then commented that Trump has sacrificed “nothing and no one.” A powerful point. Trump responded that he has made plenty of sacrifices for his businesses. …For his businesses? At this point all of America tilted their heads sideways like a cocker spaniel with a ‘huh?’ (He confronts someone calling him a coward by proudly yelling, “That’s right! I am a coward!”)
    • Trump reiterated his dangle-the-carrot-dictator-approach this week by saying that he hasn’t endorsed Sen. John McCain and added that the former prisoner of war “has not done a good job for the vets.”
  • After insulting his own party, grieving parents, veterans and women, the natural progression is to sling insults at a baby. Yes, a sweet little human baby. In a #TotalDickMove, he ousted a crying baby from a rally in Ashburn, Virginia. Not only did he  boot the baby out of the rally, he did it in a cringy, inappropriate, I can’t watch any more, way. He is creating the perfect cringetopia.
  • Trump, who has filed bankruptcy numerous times and lost millions of dollars worth of other people’s money then doled out financial advice. He suggested that Americans should pull their 401(k) funds out of the stock market. Luckily, most people have sense enough by now not to take his investment advice, otherwise these irresponsible comments would have completely collapsed the US stock market. So I guess the silver lining in this bullet point is that anyone following Trump’s advice has all their money in their bunker mattress anyway.
  • Bracing to lose in November, instead of admitting his own shortcomings, he began planting the seed that the election is rigged by literally saying “if the election is rigged, I would not be surprised.” No one ever questioned that Trump’s ability to be a sore loser, everyone was just a little surprised by his reckless conspiracy theories. The Guardian tackles this topic the best:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.56.55 AM

  • POTUS publicly called Trump “unfit to serve” and urged Republicans to withdraw their support for him. On one hand, obviously Obama isn’t a fan of Trump, but this “unfit to serve” comment is noteworthy because this kind of public criticism of the other party’s candidate by the current president hasn’t happened since 1952. So, historically speaking, it’s a big deal. Presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley explains, “It’s a reflection of just how radical and dangerous President Obama feels that Trump is.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.47.48 AM

  • Trump campaign spokesman Katrina Pierson illogically blamed Obama and Clinton for the death of Humayan Khan… who died in 2004…when neither Obama nor Clinton were in the executive branch at the time… but Republican George W. Bush was. This blame game was a  wake-up-call to the Republican Party who for years has blamed Obama for everything, even things out of the realm of responsibility of the office of President. And this blanket casting blame approach is unfortunately the main reason the GOP is now saddled with a candidate they don’t want or respect.
  • Republicans like Brent Scowcroft, Alan Steinberg, Richard Armitage, HP head Meg Whitman and former Christie aide Maria Comella (and more) all publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton. According to CNN, sitting Republican congressman Richard Hanna said he would vote for Clinton and called Trump “deeply flawed in endless ways.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.55.27 AM

  • The Washington Post released a transcript of its full interview with Trump, indicating among other things that Trump paused five times to watch TV coverage in the middle of the sit-down. This is especially bad publicity for the man who allegedly only reads articles about himself and is known for his ego-driven strategy. The candidate is learning the hard way that there is no “me” in “President.” To quote Chelsea Clinton, “Public service is about service.”
  • As the campaign circles the drain, Trump’s inner circle is caught in the current. According to a friend of Trump’s Campaign manager, Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman is “mailing it in,” leaving the rest of the staff “suicidal.” It’s no surprise that the “bombastic billionaire” is difficult to work with, and his staffers are becoming unhinged at his approach.
  • Not only is the campaign unraveling, the Republican party is unraveling. A GOP source told NBC’s Katy Tur that Chairperson of the RNC, Reince Priebus, is “apoplectic” over Trump’s refusal to endorse Paul Ryan and is making calls to the Trump campaign to express his “extreme displeasure.” Endorsing Paul Ryan is an issue where Trump and his running mate publicly disagreed. Their disagreement highlights the current tensions and divisions within the Republican Party.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.49.25 PM

What has Trump even more unstable, volatile and toxic than usual? Polling numbers. Even conservative friendly Fox News admits that things do not look good for him.

Voters view him as more dishonest than Clinton. Also, a whopping 77% of voters are familiar with his clash with the Khan family. Seventy-Seven Percent! (To put this in perspective, only 45% of Americans know that GOP stand for Grand Old Party and only 40% of Americans can list the 3 branches of government. So if 77% of Americans know something, it’s huge.) Not only did Americans know about it, most were offended by it. 69% of the voters thought Trump’s response to Khan’s speech was “out of bounds.”

If Trump won’t listen to current political figures, maybe he should take a moment to consider advice from Winston Churchill. In regard to campaign strategy, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” And in speaking he could consider Churchill’s approach, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”



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