No Peace in Nice

The terrorist attack in Nice disturb me more than all prior terrorist attacks.

All terror attacks are horrific. Orlando was gruesome and mind-boggling. Brussels, Paris, all these attacks were shocking and tragic.  But I was even more stunned when I read the news of someone plowing over at 80 plus innocent people in Nice, France who were celebrating a national holiday. In addition to the people he killed, he injured over 200 more. Children. He ran over children!  Twenty-eight children are still hospitalized.

When the World Trade Center happened on 9/11, it was my first introduction to terrorism. I was in NYC. It was disturbing. It was chilling. My innocent mind couldn’t comprehend it. What kind of person kills thousands and kills themselves in the process?

But now, 2016 terrorism is even more sicker and demented. At least during the 9/11 attacks, the terrorists died before they saw all the horror and death. They died before they saw people jumping from buildings. They died before they saw the bodies. The died before they smelled the burning flesh and never looked their targets in the eyes.

The guy driving the truck in France watched people die in front of his eyes and kept going. He heard women and children screaming and kept going. He literally watched people running for their lives. He had to have felt the bodies going under his tires as he bumped along on his death trail. How sick can a human mind be, that it not only does this, but keeps going and even speeds up?

The French were happily celebrating their independence day, something Americans did just weeks ago. And in Nice. Beautiful Nice is now tainted by historic terrorism. I’ve been to the exact spot where this all happened. I was there years ago as a blissfully happy tourist. I was able to walk around free of worries. I was able to enjoy Nice not being concerned about being gunned down or run over. Is there no safe place in the world to gather as a group and celebrate now? I want there to be peace in Nice, and all over the world. My thoughts and sympathies are with France.

I consider myself to be an optimist. I look for the best in people, even bad people. Even after 9/11, I thought maybe the terrorists were young kids who got in with the wrong crowd. Maybe they were brainwashed and didn’t realize what they were doing. It came out later in 2001 that Bin Laden had no idea that the buildings would collapse. The 9/11 terrorists never imagined how high the death toll would be.

When the “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” policy came out, I thought it was a little harsh. I mean, open communication, maybe we can learn their concerns, their problems. Maybe if you get to know your enemy, you can come to a peaceful solution. Maybe we can all get along?

But the terrorists of today, I have no sympathy for. There’s no plausible explanation for their actions.  My optimistic mind can’t stretch enough to find any small traces of good deep down somewhere in the person who did this.

Was the attack in Nice a crime of convenience? Was this one man who saw an opportunity and took it? Or was this attack meant to distract from the release of documents on alleged Saudi ties to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The infamous 29th page to the 28 pages.

I don’t have a solution to terrorism, but I know all terrorists must be stopped. We must end terrorism to honor the people who died senselessly. Terrorism must be stopped to prevent humanity from living in a world where there are no safe places. Nowhere you can relax and feel safe. What a sad place it will be where there is no where to live where you can celebrate life.


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