I Support Eye-Rolls

If you’re a parent and your children don’t spending most of their day mildly annoyed, then you’re not doing your job. Don’t look at the eye rolls and the scowls as an act of disobedience. Instead consider those an outward sign of a job well done. A pat on the back if you will. History shows that people have been rolling their eyes for hundreds of years, your children are no different.


It was always a fight to get sunscreen on my kids. Then one day I went out like an idiot for four hours and missed a giant patch on my back that then burned to a crisp. I had on a swimsuit with a bunch of criss-crosses in the back. A week later when I tried to apply sunscreen, my four year-old was running around yelling “no, no, no, no!” I showed him my back and told him it was a sunburn. He was frozen is disbelief and calmly said, “Ok, but don’t put sunscreen on my hands.”

sunburn woman

If your kids aren’t learning the harsh realities of life, then they are missing out. You know, little things like having to wear shoes in public, eating dinner before dessert and putting on sunscreen before going to the beach. So let some eyes roll. It’s children’s jobs to be annoyed, it’s a parent’s job to forge ahead anyway.


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