Winter Storm Prep Steps

As the East Coast braces for a massive winter storm, people begin scampering for bread, milk and water. I get how you’ll want water if you are hit with 3 feet of snow and power outages. But bread? Milk? Who wants to sit in the dark and cold, drinking milk and un-toasted bread? That makes me depressed just thinking about it. Don’t take the advice of local newscasters, instead listen to the advice of Tom Petty. You don’t. have. to live like a refugee.

While meteorologists have the best days of their life, you should too. If you find yourself prepping for a winter storm, here are some practical items for your shopping list:

I honestly can’t think of anything more terrifying than being trapped inside my home for days on end without chocolate. Dark chocolate is my preferred vice of choice, but whatever works for you.

Battery Operated Coffee Pot
Unless you have a gas stove, you might not have access to hot water. If you or a family member drinks coffee every day, this is a necessity. It might save your marriage. You don’t want to be trapped indoors with someone going through caffeine withdrawal… in the dark. ..with no heat.

As the weather becomes the worst of the worst, surround yourself with the best of the best. Get good food items, good coffee, things that will make you smile as you use them. Cowboy coffee from Roastery of Cave Creek is my favorite, but whatever makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure all your coffee is ground before the storm hits.

Just in case you forgot to grind your coffee or run out of it, you’ll need tea as a backup to keep alive someone going through caffeine withdrawals until you can get them to to a safe emergency location, like Starbucks.

Battery Operated Heater
(They sell these everywhere from Staples to Best Buy)

Batteries for your battery operated heater



Get yourself nice bottles of wine. My favorite vineyard is Amizetta. But whatever you choose make sure it’s wine you’re genuinely excited about. Wine is more warming/filling than beer and mixed drinks.
Tip #1 –  Older isn’t always better. 2012-2014 were good years for California wines.
Tip #2 – don’t get drunk too close to that battery operated heater.

Fruit that doesn’t need refrigeration
Apples, oranges, bananas, etc.

If no one in your house has allergies. Nuts keep longer than meats, but still provide protein.

A Good Book 
I never have enough time to read. Take the down time to catch up on all those books you’ve been meaning to read. Don’t buy the kindle version, but a book actually printed on paper. You’ll feel better about yourself and won’t burn through that device battery as fast.

Pen and Paper
For doodling naturally. Or you can get adult coloring books and colored pencils.

If you have children at home you will want to have crafts on hand and new toys  because they are going to lose their minds when they find out that the TV doesn’t work and their electronic devices are living on borrowed time. (Even if you don’t have kids, I highly recommend Nerf guns. They are kind of addictive.) Do the buy and hide technique. If you end up inside for days, then you can pull them out. If the storm isn’t so bad, save them for a birthday or rainy day.

Once the storm hits, most stores are closed and you’ll have no way to buy a sled. And you’ll want a sled because you’ll see people blissfully sledding in areas that you never even noticed had an incline. And you don’t want to be that pathetic person trying to sled on a trash can lid or plastic storage box.

Battery Operated Cell phone charger
This is necessary to contact the outside world to let them know that you are totally fine and having a blast.

Bags of Salt
It’s not sexy or exciting, but it’s practical. And you might need it to get your frozen front door open all the way so you can go sledding.

Essential Oils
 Thieves Oil or Medieval Mix can thwart chest congestion and colds. Peppermint can improve your memory. Oils like lavender or sandalwood can make your family forget you  haven’t showered in 3 days.

Instant Oatmeal
Hearty and easy to make with just hot water.

Goes with the oatmeal or the tea or coffee.

These usually keep for several days. They are filling, nutritious, easy to eat and you can mix them with that honey for an awesome face mask. DIY Spa Day! There is a link to a recipe, but I just mix together (3/4) avocado & (1/4) honey. Leave it on until it starts to get dry or you can’t take any more of your family making fun of you, then wash off.

Okay, so I haven’t thought of everything, but maybe I have talked you out of just buying sad shelter items. Buy things that can make you look forward to a few days indoors. Plan for the best days, not the worst days. And if the storm is over-hyped, you have everything for a rainy day or special occasion.



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