All Aboard the Crazy Train Express

I have to admit, when the Presidential campaign trail started this year, I was pretty indifferent. But now I am watching it unravel with my jaw dropped. I know there is a margin of error on the polling numbers, but I can’t believe Trump is still an actual contender in the Republican party.

Stages of the Trump Campaign:

Hey, he’s a nice enough guy.
He’s kind of funny.
This guy is a train wreck, this will be fun to watch.
Wow, he’s a total egomaniac.
It’s so cringy, I can’t watch any more.
What an asshole.
He is seriously diabolical.
He might be the next Hitler.
Noooo. He’s about to start a war and he’s not even President.

I was in total disbelief when during a speech he made fun of a disabled person that he’s met on multiple occasions. But now, saying that he is going to ban ALL Muslims traveling to the US? Our country was founded to escape religious persecution and now his plan is completely disregard religious freedom?

There are so many social, political and financial implications to Trump’s embarrassingly idiotic proposal. The social implications of the ban is that it would generate a lot more hate both in the US and abroad. Then there are the financial implications of turning your back on the $137 billion dollars Muslims spend on travel annually.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.27.22 AM

These facts might stump Trump, but Muslims account for 12.5% of global travel spending. Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity. And the majority of Muslims don’t even live in the Middle East. 62% live in the Asia-Pacific area. And Trump’s ban on Muslims would shut out 49 countries around the world.  The ban on Cuba lasted 55 years. How long would it take to repair the damage done to political relations in FORTY-NINE countries?

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.36.28 AM

But before Halal Holidays cancels all their US reservations, people need to realize that what Trump proposes isn’t even possible. Even if he were able to get congress to pass such a law (which they wouldn’t), the supreme court would strike it down, as it violates the 14th amendment. And there is the issue of trying to enforce it. A religious test to enter the country? Come on, obviously if someone is trying to enter the county to commit terrorism, they would not admit it on the US entry form.

Trumps comments are shocking (for ratings, no doubt) and not remotely thought out. It’s stunning that people still support him. Not only are his speeches irresponsible and divisive, but ironically now have people more sympathetic to Muslims. Now religious communities are coming together, because if the US can ban one religion, what is to stop them from banning all religion?

The only thing that gives me hope is that when he spoke tonight at the USS Yorktown, people in the crowd boo’d him. Mt. Pleasant police had to ask a crowd of people to leave because they were causing such a commotion in response to his comments. If people in a staunchly conservative area like South Carolina are boo-ing him, that doesn’t bode well for his image in the rest of the country.

Although Trump is a dream come true for talk show hosts and comedians, I hope after the primary it will all be over and I can stop reading and watching the news with my hands over my eyes.

Pew Research Center:



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