Don’t Shoot the Messenger

People blame the media for people’s access to news all day long to claim that there aren’t more shootings now, but rather more people just know about shootings. This argument makes me giggle.

It is true, people have access to news, literally at their fingertips all day long, through smart phones, TV, the internet, news that plays while you pump gas, etc. When a big event happens you find out about it immediately from Facebook or Twitter or someone texting you. However, even before constant access to monitor the world, Americans still knew about any shootings of the day. How? Morning news, 5:00 news and 11:00 news – the news that nobody missed. Almost every adult American watched the news EVERY day. Why? Because it was the only way they were going to get the news. Twenty years ago, you didn’t check the weather on an app on your phone, you watched the morning news to see what the day would be like.

Also, newspaper sales have dropped dramatically in the past 20 years. Now you don’t have to flip through a whole paper and get black ink on your fingers to get the weather. Newspapers are also something that most American households got every day. And the people who didn’t get their own paper subscription would read other people’s papers at nail salons, doctor’s offices, barber shops, etc.


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