Antisocial Media

How can something so antisocial still be called social media?

I go for days or weeks without checking my social media accounts because, well, they piss me off. People say things on social media that they would never in a thousand years say to someone’s face. And they broach subjects that you would never speak of publicly to a large, diverse audience…like politics, religion, abortion, guns, rape, etc.

When the US was founded, the only way to speak to a large group, was to stand up (literally) and speak to a large group of people watching you. And the great orators would think through what they were going to say, and they would talk on topics that they were educated on, or at least have researched.

But now it is like people are figuratively handed a microphone, and speak off the cuff like they don’t even know it is on. Or worse, they don’t care if it is on.

And the most frustrating part is that if someone posts something that is wildly inaccurate, you can’t correct them. Because people will stubbornly stand by their mistakes, on social media, anyway.

I wish there were just an honest way to communicate. I wish the hateful social media interchanges could be more simple, and open and honest. Like this:

Completely Fabricated News – reposted by Friend

Me: Hey, hope you’re doing great. By the way, that post above it actually completely false, just wanted you to know.

Friend: What? Nooo, that can’t be right. I like that post, it’s my kind of hate.

Me: I know. I totally respect your kind of hate. But here are the links to the irrefutable evidence that your post is wrong. And I was also there myself at the event and saw it with my own eyes, and your post is wrong.

Friend: Aw, man. I can’t admit you are right because I like my lies better than  your truth. I would say I’m sorry, but my generation doesn’t apologize.

Me: That’s cool. I love your honesty.

Friend: Let’s catch up soon and not talk about this. It would be so weird to talk about this type of subject in person.

Me: Sounds good, text me.




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