Please Stop. It’s Embarrassing

We will attempt to provide fair, unbiased, well researched blogs for our readers…. then other times we will just vent.

This blog is in regard to the recent news story about the cop, Ben Fields, that “picked the student up and threw her.” That quote isn’t a writer exaggerating, that is a quote from Richland County Sheriff, Leon Lott. Personally, I would be afraid to get up from my seat and go with a cop known as “Officer Slam” because of previous aggressive behavior towards students.

But my outrage isn’t at the cop, that has a history of violence and was involved in several lawsuits. I don’t blame him, he should have never been assigned to a school. I don’t blame the girl, who was texting in class and acting like a 16 year-old girl. I don’t blame the cell phone, even though some people are crazy enough to blame the girl’s cell phone. If it hadn’t been for cell phones in the classroom, no one would know about this story.

My outrage is at the adults that agree with the cop’s assault of a minor. That’s right assault! If I showed up at your work and jerked you out of your chair and drug you across the room and sat on you, what term would you use to describe it when the police arrive?

Sure, there are two sides to every story. Sure, we don’t see the video footage before or after the incident, but the video footage must not be flattering for the cop, as it was never released and he was fired. And yes, you can replay the video in slow motion and debate how the events began, but there is no questioning that the cop then threw the girl, sat on her and broke her arm.

The girl is 16 years old. An orphan. She was texting during class. (Is that even illegal?) She now has a broken arm and was hospitalized for neck and back trauma. She was recently put into foster care because her grandmother died, and her mother had already died. Most humans struggle with understanding grief, and even children with the best circumstances usually act out.

The girl doesn’t have a mother or family to protect and defend her or “straighten her out.” I’m exhausted by everyone blaming the girl’s home training. She has no home. Have we not even the smallest inkling of compassion left in us? Kids in our society that “lack respect” are learning it from adults. Parents, cops, teachers, you name it – we are all lacking empathy and respect for each other. ALL of us. Before we collectively assign a generation as being “entitled” we all need to take a look at ourselves. 

Brenda Wood at 11 Alive in Atlanta whose video rant “Brenda’s Last Stand” went viral. She was blaming the incident on disobedient entitled teens. Brenda, that really should be your last stand. You should be fired. Promoting violence against children for ratings. Shame on you. All to have a video go viral, and to have more clicks on your stations webpages and social media, and your station is therefore able to charge more advertising dollars. Advertisers on news stations and websites that are promoting divisiveness and violence against students – they are the ones that should be pulled out of their desks and beaten. Advertisers are agreeing with Brenda Wood with their advertising dollars. And news stations are exploiting stories like this as a way to earn more money. What a sad way to make a living.


Instead of watching the video of Brenda Wood at 11AliveNews who, not only approves of, but applauds violence against teenagers, we should be demanding the station take down the video: 404-892-1611

In theory, children are supposed to learn in schools. But schools are where crazed gunmen show up to kill them, and school cops that are supposed to protect them, instead beat them. What they are learning isn’t math and science, it is distrust and violence.

So Brenda, start protecting America’s children, not blaming them. If  you know how to read anything besides a teleprompter and are reading this, you should offer an apology, and set up some sort of fund for this poor girl that you set up as a piñata for everyone with a gripe about teenagers to take a swing at. Shame. On. You. Newscasters should be reporting fair and unbiased news, not using their platform to promote violence, hate and their own personal beliefs. Brenda Woods and newscasters like this are what is wrong with our country. Not the children trying to find their way.


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